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Outlook- Where is the folder?

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Right Click the PST/OST select Properties, Folder Size ... all folders get enumerated you just have to find the folder in the list

ie. in mine the PST is named John ... I right Click "John" and select "Properites for John..." Then click the Folder Size ... and once it lists the sizes, I double click the column separator between "Subfolder" and "Size" columns, this automatically resizes the column for the maximum named length ...

it shows like this: Inbox\Gmail\Google Voicemail
The folder i wanted to know the path for was "Google Voicemail" and there I see its under the Gmail folder, which is under my Inbox folder

Here's a screenshot for Outlook 2003 (2007 very similar):
Note in that screen shot I didn't widen the Subfolder names so the "Providian - S..." trails off like that.. if I double clicked the column's separator it would possibly mean scrolling to the right to see the last part of the folder name (which is what you're starting with)

(note that you can also right click any individual folder like "Inbox" and do the same thing for Folder Size, but it will only show you folders that were placed *under* the inbox folder)