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OH Smeg

If this is a STA Drive which I'm fairly certain it is you may be required to Press the F6 Key when the first blue screen in the Vista Installer appears and then insert a Floppy with the M'Boards SATA Drivers copied to it's root and press enter when Windows Prompts you to.

Some M'Boards BIOS do not fully support the SATA Drives and you have to include the SATA Driver so that the Windows Installer can see the HDD.

But even if you can proceed with the Repair of Vista I'm not 100% certain that it will replace the Primary Boot Files here because they where originally written to the Primary Boot Partition which isn't any longer present.

This is all Hardware Related and has nothing to do with software. You may be required to reinstall Vista here to get all of the necessary files in the correct place.

This will of course require you to reinstall all of your software but provided you do not Format the HDD your Data should be safe though I really would recommend a Complete Backup of your Data & Settings before you proceed any further.