Password Management system with automatic password changes

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Password Management system with automatic password changes

I'm looking for a password management system that:
- centrally and securely stores all kinds of passwords to web/ftp
servers, database servers, routers, etc
- allows various employees with different access privileges to login to
this system and retrieve single-use passwords
- automatically changes these passwords after usage

Cyber-Ark makes exactly this (albeit with limited connectivity to
certain hosts/platforms only) but it is way beyond our budget. I'm
looking for something that's under $5000 to implement.

Any recommendations? TIA!
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You may try ManageEngine PasswordManager Pro, which would satusfy all the requirements you have mentioned. In addition, it would be well within your budget limitations too.

For more info, trial download, visit


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We went this route about two years ago and selected the Secret Server product after an extensive evaluation. It is easy to use, handles all the platforms in our environment (*NIX, Win and network stuff) and integrated with tokens and AD. We store all our sensitive credentials there.

It now manages all of our Windows Server admin passwords (> 1000) and changes them every 30 days automagically. :)