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PC partically boots

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It could be lots of things. Replacing the power supply was a good idea but did you replace it with a better one? It could be that your system is drawing more power then the power supply can handle.
This can affect the CPU, memory and other things because the power to them may fluctuate and damage them.
Other things that can make it turn off is over heating, is your computer clean inside and is there enough room around your computer so that it gets good air flow? Is your CPU fan working? And spinning at the proper speed?
Try removing every thing except the video, memory and the floppy if you use one. To see if completes the boot process. Another option is to buy or take to a shop that has a post card. This is a card that is placed in an empty slot and will tell you where the post stops, so you can tell where the problem is.
It may sound too simple but a CD rom or DVD player going bad can stop a computer.
Last do you have an anti virus program and spy ware/malware programs that you keep updated and used? You do keep back ups right?