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An SSD will probably make the single biggest difference. If you can, also replace the Pentium D with a Core2 Duo. Check the BIOS settings; the RAM report suggests that it has been configured with a 32-bit OS in mind - it might just be an excessive reservation for video card mapping, or it might be a toggle/image restriction in its own right. HP are listing the E6000 sequence Core2s as compatible; Intel's own site says that the 946GZ chipset is only compatible up to the E4000 lineup. That may well indicate that you will need a BIOS update from HP to support an E6700. Your current Geforce 210 should be fine for basic use; it does have its own memory and DX10 support so it shouldn't be a drain on the rest.

I would consider just replacing the whole machine though; it might be cheaper now to upgrade, but reinstalling onto an SSD would be just as disruptive as setting up a new PC, and the amount you increase its lifespan by may not be enough to justify it.