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PC virus affecting motherboard/bios?

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I'm wondering if the power surge we had during a thunder storm a few months ago could have started the problems? The kids plugged everything back in during a lull in the storm. Lightening hit the phone line coming into my house from the street. The kids were facinated to see the sparks travel down the phone line. The surge took out my dsl modem, router, a motherboard, the motherboard integrated network cards on both these pcs and an 8 port hub.

We have no graphics displayed on either pc currently, can not see what I am choosing when going into set up/bios, so would I be able to add a graphics card? A friend suggested if I had a virus on first pc, the only thing he thought it could do to affect the motherboard is to maybe have overclocked something, causing something to burn out?

I may take her pc back to microcenter, as it has an extended warrantee on it, which would not cover viruses and reinstalling os. Other pc is almost 4 years old, it is probably not worth my time to troubleshoot it further?

I can usually figure out pc problems, but this one has me stumped. Time to get out my How PC's Work book?