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PEAP authentication failed

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Thank you for your response.
Intentions are to use a CA certificate for PEAP authentication. Following is what I have done so far:
1) Installed Microsoft CA
2) Created root/server certificates
3) Ensured that the certificates are replicated to my servers (Domain Controllers)
4) Installed IAS on my DCs
5) Configured a profile to use PEAP as the authentication.
6) Added the Cisco AP in IAS to act as a Radius Client.
7) Configured the "Radius Server" on my Cisco 1241 Access point (setup shared secret, etc.)
Ensured that the certificates are deployed to the workstations.

The above configuration has been done to establish wireless connectivity for a wireless client.

1) SSID is not broadcasted
2) There are no routers between the AP and the Radius Server.
3) DHCP is used for the client PCs

Thank you once again for your time and assistance.

Juzar Zaveri