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Playing an MMORPG behind a firewall

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With an attitude like yours, I sure hope you are not a teacher or a network administrator.

As a college professor who taught network courses and the colleges network administrator, I found it irritating that students tried to crack into my network. The network is not their private play-toy. Since the network was a critical function of our college's operations, I would warn them once and point them toward more constructive work. Then, on any subsequent attempts, I would take steps to have them disenrolled and banned from the college.

Attitudes of permissiveness like yours give students (no matter their age) the idea that rules are there to be broken. It undermines the very nature of our nation since it also leads people to disrespect any and all laws and develop the belief that laws, rules, and regulations are for others to follow and that they do not apply to them. Just ask anyone who has had their credit card numbers hacked or are victims of identity theft what should be done to crackers.

Instead of a permissive attitude toward hacking, I suggest a more positive and proactive one of pointing these bright but misguided students toward more productive and worthwhile endeavors.