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Playing an MMORPG behind a firewall

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"As a college professor who taught network courses and the colleges network administrator, I found it irritating that students tried to crack into my network."

It sounds, to me, that he's trying to get out, not in.

"The network is not their private play-toy. Since the network was a critical function of our college's operations, I would warn them once and point them toward more constructive work."

That's what network segmentation and VLANs are for. A network administrator would be an utter fool to not segregate the network in to an Administration piece and a Student access piece. Each its own VLAN, routed as necessary and easily managed.

I would like to see in the college's Acceptable Usage Policy where usage of the network is precluded for personal reasons, especially for students who live on campus with network interfaces in their dorms.

"Instead of a permissive attitude toward hacking, I suggest a more positive and proactive one of pointing these bright but misguided students toward more productive and worthwhile endeavors."

And you just assume the students are up to all sorts of evil. What if they are good students and want to get online to play a game to **** off steam? For the network to be ratcheted down that tight could as easily be an indication of an inept administrator (who doesn't know any better) as anything else.

I don't know what has made you so jaded, but the broad brush you painted with here is just as unwelcome as any other inflammatory posting I've seen.

Sr. Network Engineer