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Playing an MMORPG behind a firewall

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Regardless of the truth of the legality issues of your statement I had to point out that it is because of those people that push the boundaries of not only law but of what is commonly accepted as normal that we find ourselves ever improving in technology and every other aspect of being alive in the world today. If it wasn't for those people who wanted something better in their lives the United States would never have been formed. Its people that believe such as yourself that have prevented change because all change is bad in your eyes. I do realize that this is a gross exaggeration on my part and you may not be like this at all. It is just the impression I get on your reply. You may have just been burned in the past on some network issue. I know that working in the field I have done some network hacking to mess with fellow employees in fun and because of the toying around with these things we have discovered ways to protect our system from others that would do it maliciously. That is why I think that we should not stifle the creativeness of others..of course as long as it is truly doing no harm.