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Please help...Lenovo T61...I should have stuck with Toshiba

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OH Smeg

If you just want to **** away the version of whatever Linux came installed on this computer you don't need to log into Linux to wipe the HDD.

You enter the BIOS set the Boot Order to Optical Drive then HDD and insert a Boot CD into the Optical Drive and boot the computer. However if you wish to change the OS you need to wipe the HDD first as Linux by default installs 3 Partitions for better security unlike Windows that just throws everything in together on the OS partition. So you need something like Boot & Nuke to wipe the HDD here and that is available free here

When it comes to the Password Linux by default well most of them at least require you to enter a User Name and Password and Linux is Case Sensitive unlike Windows where you can just throw anything at the OS as a password and it is accepted. If you entered the password in different cases you need to enter it the same way to open the OS. It's also not possible to have the same password as the Users Name. Not sure which version of Linux you have loaded here so it's hard to offer any more advice other than reenter the password exactly as you originally entered it and it will open. If you where silly enough not to copy down the password and then left the computer alone for months you are getting exactly what you deserve and this would happen with any OS that was installed. Doesn't matter if it's Linux or Windows if you don't know the password the OS fails to open which is exactly what a Password is in place for. The only difference here is that Windows allows you not to use a Password so that anyone can access your Data when they steal your NB. Linux requires a Password to attempt to secure your Data so that most people are unable to access your Data when they steal your NB. Maybe you don;'t consider this important but you have to remember it's your Bank Account that will be emptied not mine so you basically get rewarded for what you do here. If you correctly setup the Password though you should just need to select the User Account and then place the same finger on the Scanner to open the OS.

Of course this fails if you lost the finger since you originally setup the computer but this isn't overly common most times and then you have the out of entering the correct password to get back in to add a different finger tot he Biometric Data Base.

I'm assuming that you purchased a NB with Linux on it because it was cheaper than the same model with Windows so you have got exactly what you have paid for a Secure System that actually works and if you want to persist with Windows you will have very little security on otherwise excellent hardware and when it gets stolen your Data and all your Records will be wide open to whoever chose to look. Then if you do any On Line Banking all your Financial Records will be freely available to the thief who will not hesitate to help them self to your money.

With Windows it's not a case of you get what you pay for it's a case of pay for this and get the most expensive Virus on the face of the planet that is sold as a OS.

As you failed to give a complete Model Number I can not point you to the Lenovo Drivers only part way to the Available drivers where you need to enter the full Model Number and the version of the OS you want to use that is here

Lenovo should only have Windows Drivers Listed because there are no special drivers required by most versions of Linux.