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Please help...Lenovo T61...I should have stuck with Toshiba

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Your LENOVO is an "excellent" machine ...
The problems you are having are with the operator and his lack of experience in the OS that he selected. However, you can do a re-install of the latest version of LINUX on it and get back wonderful, user-friendly results ...

Get to another machine where you can burn a CD and go to:
Click on GET IT and then choose the NETWORK INSTALL option.
It will download what is called an 'eye-soh' image (.iso) that you can then use to create a "BOOT CD" following the instructions on that same page at the bottom.

Once you've created this CD, boot your notebook on it. It will boot up and offer to INSTALL the very latest OpenSUSE 11.4. Choose to install it. You will need to make sure you have a network cable connected to the notebook, or you are near a wireless access point (WAP). The software is "FREE" and it will install onto your system right from the Internet. I just upgraded mine from Windows XP Professional to this and it is fantastic! It works faster, cleaner, and has all of these wonderful "options" you can download/install using the SOFTWARE installation/update utility.

This OS is wonderful ... and you will have a new appreciation for your IBM/Lenovo T61 Notebook PC.

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