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plz tell me the latest topics in network security

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We've all got to get help sometimes, so here you go:

A lot of work has been done on SCT (Servus-Caput-Threicae) theorem-based encryption, it is very secure and works well for one-way transmissions. It takes a bit longer to encode but shaves a lot of time off the read cycle.
Also, ankylographic approaches are beginning to replace steganographic approaches, which seem to have gone the way of the dinosours when Miroslav Goljana, Dorin Hogea and Michael Bolton published their groundshaking paper "Surface Ocsillations, A new approach to detecting advancing risks".
Polyalphabetic clusters are exciting the younger generation of cryptologists, especially the megabyte level alpha-bits cyphers and Tahestiku-Suppi proofs

Hope this helps