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Pop Up Problem

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For anyone finding this article.
"Searching" for msconfig?

go to START > Run, and enter "msconfig"
If it doesn't come up, then, yes, malware may be afoot.

Booting in safe mode often blocks malware from running and you can try to run msconfig then too.

Other times, you have a browser auto-launching in full-screen mode.
This may be due to a redirected home page. Start in safe mode, start your web browsers and change the home page to something harmless. (I like google for its fast load, it's commonly what I plan to do when logging on anyway, and no ads)

You can exit full screen mode by moving your cursor to the top of the screen to get a menu where you can reduce the browser. Other times the escape key exits. If all else fails try alt-tab to switch apps then right click and close the browser. (But when you launch it again you may be back where you started.)