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Printer problem?

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OH Smeg

Which computer displays the Print Que the one with XP or the one with 7?

What should happen here is the the job gets sent to the printer through the WiFi Connection and prints on the system with the printer attached. If the printer is not correctly installed the computer you are attempting to print from may think that it is a Local Printer not a Network Printer and be attempting to send the Print Job to a Local Port.

In XP Open the Start Menu and left click on Printer/Fax's Right Click on the printer in Question and scroll down to Proprieties in the Drop Down Menu and Left Click on that. When the next Windows opens go to the Ports Tab and check to see where the printer is actually connected. If it's shown connected to a Local Port you need to change this to where it is actually connected.

Also you will need to have a HomeGroup Setup with the XP system part of that and have previously enabled File & Printer Sharing.