Problem in saving doc excel in our samba server

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Problem in saving doc excel in our samba server

hi experts,

1.we have a samba server running with redhat 9.0 with users share all the users are saving the data in samba server.

2. now it started creating a problem when we try to save the data its not showing the correct path each and every time we need to chage the path.


1. if my samba server is ( with users shared directory).
2.john is the users if has a doc like 123.doc when he try to open he is able to open but when he tried editing the existing file and save its not prompting to save in the same samba dir.instead of its showing in Local HDD(Desktop).
3. this has been not happening for not only edit and save for save as too in word,excel etc...
4. as we checked all the necessary services are running and its working fine.
5. plz help me to solve the problem and where will be the root cause guide me

Any help it would be appreciated,,,
Thanks & Regards,