Problem with Power Users and MS Access

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Problem with Power Users and MS Access

We have a clash between Power User settings and MS Access running a Database.
We use a frontend.mdb file linked using OBDC to our MySQL database.
If we use MS Access Runtime to access the frontend.mdb file with the machine user is set up locally as an 'Administrator' then it works perfectly but if we make them a 'Power User' then we get an error when we try to open it;

'You can't carry out the action at the present time.

You tried to run a macro or used the DoCmd object in Visual Basic to carry out an action.
However, Database is performing another activity that prevents this action from being carried out now.
For example no actions on a form can be carried out whilst Database is repainting a control or calculating an expression.

Carry out action later.'

If we use the full version of MS Access 2003 instead of the Runtime then we get this error;

'Database.mdb is read-only'

Also are Power Users allowed to run VB scripts?
We have drive mapping scripts but these refuse to work when we logon as PW's and just give an error saying about 'The operation was cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer'.
They work fine with Users as Administrators!

Any help much appreciated.