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Publisher Hyperlinks to Bookmarks in Outlook email

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I spent hours working on correct functionality of an email Newsletter in Publisher.
What should have been an easy task with a program, called PUBLISHER, was quite an ordeal. Anytime I created the emails newsletter and tried to test it, it would remove all hyperlinks I entered and the page was completely skewed when email tested.

In order to create a Newsletter using Publisher and sending it with Outlook, here's how I found to do it: Create the newsletter in Publisher. Don't use any color schemes or tables. You basically have to leave the page white. Don't use a large table or text box over the entire newsletter. You can't link a specific word or phrase if it's inside a text box. Otherwise, it links the whole text box. This is not a huge problem, but since you can't always line up the text in a newsletter, you have to put it in a text box. Make sure you set your Outlook mail to remain for a period of time in your outbox (tools, options, mail setup, uncheck 'send immediately when connected', click okay). 'Send' your newsletter from Publisher. This sends the email to the Outlook Outbox. Go to your Outlook outbox and open the email. Add your hyperlinks by clicking on that area, right click and click hyperlink, add your hyperlink. When you are finished adding all your hyperlinks, test the email by sending to yourself in other email accounts like yahoo and gmail. You should be good to go. From there you can use that one email, you don't need to do all this again and add all hyperlinks each time. I hope I can save someone else the aggravation and hours of lost time. The Newsletter may not look exactly like you want it to, but it's a Newsletter. Really, these kinks should have been worked out already.