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Publisher Hyperlinks to Bookmarks in Outlook email

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I copied the file to a thumb drive and had a colleague open it in Publisher and the hyoperlinks to bookmarks further down the page worked, just as they do on my PC. We emailed the newsletter to several other colleagues and the links to bookmarks do not work, although they all receive other email newsletters where the links do work.

The hyperlinks to non-bookmark items (unsubscribe, send comments) do work in the emails of all colleagues.

I removed all the hyperlinks and the bookmarks from the document, then reinserted them following the MS Publisher directions. One minor change has occurred in that the hyperlink to the bookmark to "Return to the Top" works. There is one after each the four stories in this first newsletter, yet the hyperlinks at the top leading to the stories at the bottom do not work outside publisher.

Really scratching my head now.