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Publisher Hyperlinks to Bookmarks in Outlook email

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did you check the actual link structure? Are the links pointing to absolute locations like C:\x\y\z\something.htm? Or are they relative to the document itself?

If all the problem links are bookmarks, are they pointing to an internet location, or a corporate network location?

For (private) corporate network locations, one would need permission within that network to access the network itself and the specific resources. The link would need to be properly formed to lead from the outside world into the private network.

If the problem is internet locations, it may be a security setting which may need to be changed in the email client or local system, or possibly something which must be changed by group policy on the recipient's network.

In MS Outlook, one might check Options → Security → Security zones.

Is this content meant to be displayed inline, or is it sent as a separate attachment? If it is an attachment, try detaching or copying to the Desktop. Right-click on the file and select Properties. See if you are presented with an "Unblock" button.

Sorry, but I'm kind of winging it here, as I know very little of the specifics of your situation. If you can provide an example of a link, and I understand if you cannot, we may be able to find the problem faster.