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Publisher Hyperlinks to Bookmarks in Outlook email

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This is an inline document created from a MS Publisher Template that is 8" wide and 66" long. It is designed to allow you you have a small two or three line lead-in to the full story which is placed further down the same page of the document.
You create bookmarks in the document that mark where the text is supposed to continue. Then you create a hyperlink called "Read More" as an example underneath the article lead. The hyperlink simply points to the bookmark named something like "article1". There is no link outside the document.
Currently the hyperlinks I created to move from the full articles in the bottom section back to the top of the page DO work, but the links to move down the page DO NOT.
The hyperlinks to send an email to unsubscribe (which open a blank Outlook email and address it) work fine. I just cannot seem to figure out the hyperlinks that move down the page.
Unfortunately I cannot link you into our network to see the document, but I can send it to you as an email attachment, and as an email as originally intended.