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Your chances are good the moment you apply for a position where they ask for "Great attention to details"!

This goes for any area of application, but one such area is, of course, tiny living creatures, like spiders, cockroaches and their friends. (Have you written about ants yet?)
What do you think about cats? I know they're a bit bigger, but I like cats. (well, not to eat, though)
Good thing with cats is that it's usually hard to eat them by mistake.

Now, to the question: I don't think we talk too much about talking. To be honest, we don't talk much at all; we write, instead
But, not too much.
When you're dealing with geeks, then it's logical that it becomes logical. A question about how to program a certain task will occasionally evolve into discussion about differences between program languages. And then Santee will stir up another meta-level by talking about the discussion itself.

Still, it's not too much.
As Susan wrote in her post yesterday (defending her right to be funny), if you know you don't like to read a certain kind of content, just click somewhere else.