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I'm inclined to agree with UGAData on this. The one piece of data we're missing to be sure is how many drives we're talking about in the RAID1 source and RAID5 target arrays. For instance:
Your source array is RAID1 with two drives. If you add an additional drive to the system this may be possible, as it could keep it's original data on the single drive while populating the other disks with data, once finished, it could stripe the data with the parity information and complete the RAID5 migration.

I have a number of those G4s (bought for $100 each! ), mostly as parts spares for one I still have in operation at a very small branch office. Don't know if a Battery pack is required for RAID5 on servers that old like it is on newer ones. Ideally, the focus should be taking that server out of production and replacing it with a newer one, if you have the funding.