RAM management issue.

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RAM management issue.

I am running Win XP SP 3, all updates current.

I have 4GB RAM installed.

My system is pretty fast and usually have no problems whatsoever, but...

Sometimes when I am using my audio recording software (Cakewalk Sonar 6.2), and I have a lot of audio samples being used, I get low memory and out of memory alerts.

When I check RAM usage in Task Mgr, it only shows about 1GB being used. I know Task Mgr doesn't list all services, so I have used VM Map to see memory allocation, and still cannot isolate the problem.

Could this be:

1) a Sonar memory usage problem?
2) an XP memory usage problem?
3) an XP memory reporting problem?
4) a RAM controller problem?
5) a motherboard problem?
6) sunspots?

Any help is greatly appreciated