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Rob Kuhn

The problem with these types of forums is that often times responses can be taken out of context. I don't think robo_dev meant any disrespect (and in fact he opened his response with that).

He was just merely pointing out that it may not be worth the time and efffort and that if budget allows perhaps getting something a bit more current. Or at least something to that effect.

That said has a socket 478 motherboard (refurbished) for $39.99 (USD); part # P4M-865G-MAXII-BO. I'm fairly sure that your memory is compatibled with this motherboard but to be sure I'd shoot them an e-mail or give them a call.

Since it's an ATX form factor just about any case made today will work. I have also purchased from them (they are actually local to me) and have been 100% satisified with their service.

I assume you already have an OS to install? If not Linux/Unbuntu is ideal for this hardware (and it's free :) ).

Lastly, the 'DOT' with a '.' is not meant out of disrespect. It's just a way to protect sites, people, etc. from attacks (for a lack of a better description; I tend to refer to it as site-scrapers as they scrape sites looking for URLs, e-mail addresses, etc...).

Also, robo_dev is a decent person. I did not take his comment to be anything but helpful. If you'd look at some of his past responses you would have been able to see he is a person who knows what he's talking about and is always respectful to others. I don't know him personally but I've come to respect his experiences and skillset. :)