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RAM - Motherboard - Case

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RE:- Replace the 'DOT' with a '.'? REALLY??

That is because TR strips out the post and regards it as Spam. It doesn't like URLs being posted to it. That is nothing aimed at you other than to let you know how to access the site that was mentioned.

As what you wants will tend to be Second Hand you should start looking at where you can buy what you want which will require Local Knowledge as to who has what.

I could suggest a specific M'Board but it's pointless if that was a Low Sale Model new. Even still most of the Second Hand Stuff that I have seen when it comes to M'Boards come with a CPU if that's any help particularly the Old P4 Socket stuff prior to the Socket 478 if I am remembering correctly the Non HTT P4's had a different socket but really you need to look at the Socket Type listed on the CPU not the description that you have given above.

Again the Case very much depends on Local Knowledge though if you had the chance to get a Antec Case & Power Supply I would grab it with both hands as quickly as possible.