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RDP for Administration Ethics or Code of Conduct

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It doesn't sound to me like you need to get overly formal or complicated with this. It seems to me there are two core problems:
* They disconnect other people's active sessions
* They leave their sessions open

I don't see a problem going with the GPO route. Surely setting some policies around RDP sessions is a lot easier and less aggrevating than dealing with running out of sessions etc. Putting a desktop wallpaper on their account that says "Don't forget to disconnect your RDP session when done" might be a gentle, timely reminder too. Should you have to do any of this? No. It's annoying. But that's the situation, and you need to deal with that situation instead of being annoyed that it exists.

I certainly agree that the human response is better though. It sounds like you tried a little to talk to them but gave up. I'd try again, particularly if there are multiple different support people. Just because one person didn't listen doesn't mean they all won't. What you do if that fails depends on how much clout you have with the vendor. I'd ask to speak to their manager and let them know the problem and hope something is done about it. It sounds as though you've got some built up anger over this so I assume there are other problems too. Let them know. If nothing is done then you'll need a plan... can you really leave them? Can a different company provide the support? Can you move to a different product altogether? And, most importantly, does this problem warrant doing any of the above? Only you can answer those questions.