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Really need some help with server 03

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Run through all of the services on the server, and check to see which ones are set to RESTART COMPUTER as the recovery model. This is a popular vector for malware (RPC chiefly) to exploit. So, unless you really want it to restart the server if it fails, I'd suggest going with RESTART SERVICE.

Check the environment. Is there excessive heat? If so, this could be causing the server to reboot every so often. Is consistent and clean power getting to the server? Dirty electricity will also cause sporadic reboots. Conversely, if the server is on a UPS unit, make sure it is running properly.

Run a diagnostic on the hardware from the BIOS, to see if it detects anything awry.

Without any other details to go on, those would be some of my first things to look at (not necessarily in that order).

Good luck!