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Recovering data from a hard drive after a full format?

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OH Smeg

But depending on how Important the lost Data is you need to approach things differently.

if the data is Important as apposed to just being Nice to recover and peoples lives depend on the recovery of this Data you should send the Drive to a Data Recovery Specialist and pay them to recover your Data. The more that you mess Unsuccessfully with this Drive the less likely you are to be able to recover the Data and the more expensive you are going to make the recovery.

However if it would just be Nice to recover the Data and you can afford to loose it all without too much of a worry you can attack the drive with Recovery Software that performs a Forensic Type Recovery.

However you must understand that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES do you ever write to a drive you are attempting to recover data from as you run the risk of overwriting data and making it very hard and expensive to recover. You always save any recovered Data to another Drive.

A free version of a Recovery Program which is recommended by others here at TR but which I have no experience with is Recurva from Priforma which you can try if you do not ABSOLUTELY need to recover this data.

http://www.filehippo .com/download_recuva
remember to remove the space from between filehippo and the .com for a working link.