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Recovering data from a hard drive after a full format?

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Yes, it is possible for you to recover data after format as long as you have not put anything new to rewritten your original data.
Generally, after the format, the inner data is not immediately gone. Therefore, you could get it back at the aid of a recovery tool.

Here is a hard drive recovery freeware that has helped me recover many of my photos, videos, music and files from a mistakenly formatted hard drive:

However, you have to know that there is no guarantee to regain your data completely since the formatting process may have damaged part of your data.

Note for you:
1. Do not store any new data on this drive to avoid the original data overwritten by new data, which can make it gone forever.
2. Do not save the recovered data on the same drive, which can cause recovery failure.
3. Do not forget to back up your important data before you do any change to it in the future.