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Recovering from a brain injury, need avice on restarting my career.

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OH Smeg

Though some including myself will insist that wanting to work in IT is proof that you have not yet recovered from the Brain Injury as you need one of those to want to work in IT anyway.

I used to do IBM Mainframes years ago and moved to doing work for small to medium business which was an area not being adequately covered by the Big End of Town and relying on the High Volume Domestic sellers for all their support.

While that works for me I'm lazy and the first to admit it but it does require that you run the business or at the very least find some other idiot to setup the business and work for them. Being the owner here I have a unique way of looking at things and I never actually got to be only working part time which was what was intended when I started this place. I may as well be working for a boss now and have some spare time instead of worrying constantly about having enough work for the staff so that they get paid and more importantly no time to spend with my Play Toys.

You can however start in something like this fairly easily and you don't need masses of paperwork behind you but if you want to work in the Big Business IT Section they mostly now rely on lots of Certs and not overly worry about any experience you may have.

So it really depends on where you want to work and what it is you want to do things like Forensic Recovery and so on tend to require lots of both Experience and Certs not to mention constant relearning things as Laws change but if you want to work in small business and just keep Networks up & running then other than knowing the currently used OS's and so on there isn't much else required.