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Recovering from a brain injury, need avice on restarting my career.

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HI Locrian_Lyric,
First off congratulations on your recovery and getting back into the workforce! I can't imagine how much of a challenge that has been but it sounds like you are pretty motivated to getting back to what you enjoy doing.

In my opinion, since you already have a background in IT, a formal education may not be the best bet right now. Most of the academic programs are not at the bleeding edge of technology and it sounds like that's what you may need to focus on. Of course, only you can decide this - I'm not sure how the injury may have affected your previous knowledge or what you've retained.

Possibly spending some time looking at online training in whatever specific field of IT you're interested in getting into (if you know what that is) might be a starting point. This could be a good way to fairly quickly become familiar with the newer technologies and ideas. If you can manage it, landing an entry-level type position would be a good "foot in the door" and will also help you network and brush up on skills.

If you were to go back to school, you might want to look into doing an internship - this would be a great way to get some more recent experience on your resume and will be more "real-world" education rather than purely academic.

If you have a specific field of interest within IT, you may want to share that here and the community could point you to some tutorial/training resources if available.

Wishing you the best!

-Scott P