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Recovering from a brain injury, need avice on restarting my career.

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Besides the fact that you can learn just about anything online these days, the other wonderful thing is how many things can be had for free.

I work in a security/governance role but I need to keep my IT skills sharp.

So at home I have two VMware ESXi servers (free licenses from VMware), cheap eBay servers to run it. On those boxes I have everything from a full content management system to Unix and Windows servers, web servers, VPN servers, etc.

Online, there's a cloud-hosting company called which will give you a single server instance in the cloud for free, and you can load up (automatically) whatever Web application platform or stack you like (Joomla, Drupal, Workpress, Concrete5, etc, etc) They use Amazon Web Services (AWS) on the backend which gives you a year of a free micro-instance.

So based on all that, I have full-blown web application dev/test envionment on my home VMware servers, and the production web servers are based in the cloud. Other than the $12 to register the domain and perhaps some higher electric bills, it's all free.

The point to all this rambling is to 'try this at home'.

In other words the best way to learn to be a car mechanic is to have a garage at home stuffed full of broken cars, so by building/experimenting/tinkering on your gear at home, you can learn a LOT.

One other thought is that to transition to the workforce, perhaps some charities, churches, or non-profits could use a bit of IT help. This could be a good way to get your feet wet whilst bringing your skills up to date (and do a good deed at the same time).