Reestablishing lost TCP/IP Connections?

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Reestablishing lost TCP/IP Connections?

I am having a problem with all clients in our LAN accessing the Client Server. We have a set up in which we use static IP addresses in the range 192.168.0.x assigned by the DNS server whose IP is Even though the server can ping any of the clients, for example a client with IP, non of the clients can ping the Server, hence non of the clients can connect to any shared folders or printer on the server.

The tcp/ip configuration of all the clients have not changed.

I suspect this problem might have resulted from an earlier attempt by me to share an internet connection from one of the client for it to be accessed by other clients,

Because in my attempt to do so using the ' allow other network users to connect through this computers internet connection'

I received a warning that, your LAN adapter IP will be set to and all users who have been assigned static IP's will have to have their TCP/IP configurations to automatically detect settings, Do you want to continue, and I clicked Yes.

The sharing did not work afterall, so I have already disconnected that internet connection from the system but non of the clients can access the server.

Can you please urgently assist with some clues as to how to get this problem sorted.

I have read a Microsoft recommendation which is as shown below;

? When you enable Internet Connection Sharing, the local area network connection to the home or small office network is given a new static IP address and configuration. Consequently, TCP/IP connections established between any home or small office computer and the ICS host computer at the time of enabling ICS are lost and need to be reestablished.

My question now is how to reestablish the lost Connections?