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Reformat Windows Xp 32 bit hard drive as NTFS to accept Windows 7 install.

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I have the Z65.. I had run the win 7 update advisor previous to my install and it said win 7 home premium could be installed..(32 bit) NOT!!!
It installed... But before it could finish installing updates I ran out of room on my main drive. I turned it off until I could figure out all my options...
One being just buy a used one off ebay for $40-$50.00 with the win OS already on it...
But I'm kindof attached to this one. I've had it for 5yrs- It was my 1st computer. I also have an Acer Aspire 3680..
I'm wondering if I should just replace the hard drive. I did try the Acer system/recovery discs but nothing happened. Because it was reformatted or due to it now running win7, I don't know.
I attempted the upgrade because xp just seems to run so slow for me-
Now it's a project for me to mess around with!! :)