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Regcleaner mistake

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As a tech, my mantra has always been..."If you don't know what you're doing... don't do it!". Especially when it comes to a customer's machine. One of the first items to remember is to not touch the registry unless you have a solid reason and some reliable guidelines to follow; but, first back it up and store it somewhere other than on the hard drive itself. Miss this step and you are in trouble when it all goes irretrievably wrong (as it seems to be in your case).
Now, your choices are likely limited to:
1. Back-up all your recoverable data (see 'first things first')
2. Reload your operating system (the process to do this varies with system manufacturer and type)
3. Reload and setup all your applications (hopefully, you didn't pirate anything)
4. Restore the data
5. Learn from this experience