Remote Office Setup

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Remote Office Setup

Okay gurus, time to weigh in with your expert opinions!

I'm looking for advice on how best to setup the following situation. I'd appreciate as many specifics as possible in your solutions.

The client (we'll call them ABC Inc.) has a home office in City A. They have about 20 users in that office. They are expanding their operations and want to open a sales office in City B on the other side of the state.

The office in city A has a Windows 2003 Small Business Server that provides file, print and Exchange services. They have a frac T1 768K Internet connection with a simple D-link DI-624 router.

In setting up Office B, we will have 5 +/- users using laptops that need to access files, 2 applications and Exchange Server at the home office.

The prefered solution would allow users to have quick access to files (both Office A and Office B people would need to work with the same files). Since they are laptop users, being able to take the files offline/out of office would be very helpful. Remote users could certainly use OWA, but using Outlook to connect to Exchange would be a little better. The two applications are a big variable. I think we'll solve that with Terminal Services since users will only need the apps will connected at the office.

So, in your collective vast knowledge, what's your opinion on how this should be best setup with today's technology? I welcome any questions and input. Please use specific hardware recommendations when possible.