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Removal of 'My Security Shield' rogue software

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Since you have failed so far, it's possible that the malware you accidentally installed has several active processes that are launched during startup of your computer, and whenever you kill a process or delete a file, the malware replaces these.

Some more aggressive malware will kill unwanted processes, like virus scanners etc.

Some malware may try to set up a stealth operation and use different approaches to hide from the operating system (these are also known as rootkits)

You didn't mention what kind of system you have. I assume it's some version of windows.

Have you tried the following emergency tools:

The most effective way to get rid of malware is to scan and clean the hard drive of your computer with a clean boot. This can be accomplished by (on a clean computer) downloading an emergency disk image and then burn it to a CD or install on a USB memory and then boot the infected computer from this disk. (In a couple of days, I'll help my father with step-by-step instructions on this, just got an SMS from him that he fell victim to a rouge "system booster")

Alternatively, you can install one or several scanners on a clean computer and then mount the infected drive in a USB bay, so you can scan it without booting from it.

You may need to try several scanners, before you find one that can handle whatever your computer has contracted. But, since nothing has helped so far, you may need to scan from an uninfected system.

Edit: corrected the camping-influenced word bootkits :)