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So as to not have it get lost in the rants within the thread, here is my point and I hope it makes sense.

Someone posts who has locked themselves out of their PC because of a BIOS password issue. Whether its because its stolen, someone screwed up, they have no idea what they are doing, or the person is simply posting the wrong information.

The bottom line they are coming to a place that is known for its help and assistance.

You as a community have made a choice to not help these people in there need to fix their problem.

Whether the problem is real or not you the community are making that choice. Now the bottom line is, the more popular posters are making that choice. I have never been asked if we should or shouldn't answer a question such as how to reset a BIOS and the fact that I told a user to check their manual, doesn't seem to me a problem.

ThumbsUp2 decided to speak for the entire community and tell us not to post to this thread which in itself is irresponsible. No one should be assuming they post for all, especially in a public forum like this. Of anything this is arrogant and self assuming.

Everyone is assuming this user is a thief, because of the context of his post, which is even more ridiculous.

My point is I have always seen the TR forum a place to get and give help. And the bottom line is users screw up and I have seen users who know nothing get in to and mess up and their BIOS settings.

So where is it so wrong to state the obvious "Check you manual", rather than post a 3 to 4 paragraph rant on how evil this post is. I'll tell ya right now if I was a noob user asking the same question and had no clue, I would never come back.