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Arrogant? No I don't think so, but since you feel the need to goad this more. As a prior A+ instructor I know what's out their as common knowledge. As a community, if you want to insist on sticking your head in the sand and saying sorry we don't do that, in reguards to documented hardware configs across an entire industry, then thats the choice you make.
TR is moderated and if they feel the post is in violation of their policies it will be removed. But when someone posts a blanket policy statement and are obvioulsy not a moderator, then they open it up to discussion.

I did not instuct the user on how to circumnavigate the BIOS password I simply made the obviouse statement that every PC has a jumper to reset the BIOS switch. And every Dell PC has those instructions in the manual. The same manual thats shipped with the PC and is readily available online for free at the Dell support site.

Oh and I have no intention of trying to win you over. Since I have no concern as to your opinon. But I will address anyone who tells me I have no concern for security.