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The Scummy One

and as such are partially responsible for the ethics of said community. So it should not rest solely on the over-worked moderator of many different sites to filter through these 24/7.

Besides, why do you think many manufacturers are working hard at ways to block these? Stolen equipment, that is why!
Look around, HDD manufacturers are making HDD's physically destroy the disks if they detect being tampered with. Motherboard manufacturers are setting multiple layer PW for differing things, and including TPM chips. For Notebooks, these are more common, because they are most likely to be stolen, and they add that you must call for a specific code to enter at a specific time to override the protections.
Why do you think the protections are EVEN THERE in the first place? Are you a friggin MORON to understand this? What good is having the protection, and using it, if it is useless?