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Ok so the post is Fishy, but let me play devil's advocate.

I'm simply a clerk with simple computer skills who is either been working for the company or has just started but either way they down size and/or farm out a division or department. To bring money back in to the company they decide to sell the 100 or so PC's they bought in the last year to staff and friends of staff. But IT who was downsized or as usual is under staffed does not have the time to format and re-install the OS. But since all the data was stored on their servers we can just sell the PC's.

Which they do and the person who purchased it wants to get in to their BIOS and not wait 3 to 6 months to get a response from IT.

More over IT doesn't want to give out the set BIOS password because its the same password for the rest of the PC's still being used in the company.

And this guys asks IT dept. or a friend how to reset the BIOS password and they tell them to post here.

My point is reseting a BIOS chip whether its a battery or the jumper is common knowledge. And by my statement, check your manual, doesn't automatically make me on board with hacking and scamming for accounts.

In fact if this person obtained the PC legally or illegally if anyone is at fault it's the company that the PC came from.

Because either they security is so lax that anyone can walk out the door with a PC under their arms or they failed to prep the PC before they sold it.