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I see your point but then consider this. If I were to ask a car club forum on how to hot wire a car, I may get yelled at, but I may also be told how. But the bottom line is there are tons of sites that show you how.

I thought the posting of a giant paragraph of how its all so bad was pretty ridiculous. Since we are all in this field we are all aware of security issues. But I think it was shasca who put my back up when she eluded to the fact that I don't care about security after my post.

Erring on the side of safety I understand and being responsible IT people I also understand.

But then again are we trying to help people who need it and direct them to learn more or is this just a place for techies to shout out?

Further more the assumption that this person stole the computer just because of bad english is pretty arrogant don't ya think?

And the best part is I have been a member of TR a lot longer then my account suggests, but then again that doesn't make to much of a difference.