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Your hypothetical dance into la, la, land is less than amusing, however for the sake of your efforts my analysis is that the business lacks the very first level of any security,,,,,,,, physical!

Ok he lied. Your hypothetical business does not demonstrate to secure their resources with any means of ?first? level security. We can discuss 2nd, 3rd, and so on but the lack of physical security is not in place. No video surveillance, no access security to the building or room. With the proper physical security we are not having this discussion. That?s the answer!

Here is my hypothetical. This business has no IT department to speak of. Each department is responsible for purchasing their own computer equipment. The procurement procedures are so loose that his manager uses the same to reward good employees with stuff. (cell phones, computers, credit card expenses for in-town meals ect.) The manager does this to retain the good guys. The manager?s boss is a tight *** that only seeks to reward with 1% raises. This company contracts The Geek Squad to set up any newly purchased equipment with what ?they? deem necessary. All the passwords in the world are not going to protect this company from any level of breach. The answer is the same!