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The Scummy One

"my analysis is that the business lacks the very first level of any security,,,,,,,, physical! "

Ok, that is if, the OP is telling the truth and it is at home, what if it was at work and the OP is just trying to bypass the security? Hmmm, maybe the OP is on the level, but someone later is searching around and sees the answer here?

It is not the goal for us to give out cracks or bypass security at ANY level. If you cant understand that, I feel sorry for you.

"No video surveillance, no access security to the building or room."
Where did this come from? Out from L. field apparently.
What if the computer IS locked to the desk, at work? and again, what if the OP is not the issue, but some other reader of these posts later? Again, I say you fail

"Here is my hypothetical. This business has no IT department to speak of. Each department is responsible for purchasing their own computer equipment."

Ok, then why is there a BIOS lock?

We can go round and round all day, however, this is a security feature, and we discourage ANY posts that will help to crack the security of a system, regardless of how easy the information is to obtain elsewhere.

The only thing I see in your post is an argument just to argue. Nothing else. We have revisited this several times already -- for more information about our views here, keep reading through the thread