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The Scummy One

"Scummy, first,,,,,,,,, this is "your" hypothetical because you think he is lying. Him lying is not a fact. So research and discover the facts before proceeding."

I brought up a situation as, hypothetical. Whether or not I think he is lying should not matter, so researching this person and situation does not require the fact. You completely miss the point in the entirety and I am tired of playing and re-typing the same thing over and over again. If you dont understand by reading through these posts, you probably never will, no matter how many times it is explained.

"I don't like hypotheticals situations,,, especially with a dilettante, tyro, or any novice. You seem to want to set the parameters for every post on this thread."

really, I havent replied to every post. But OK, whatever. I have been explaining the situation when things were called into question. This is the way we do things. But as I said, the clueless will stay clueless until they open their eyes.

"If "What" is your response, I need to better utilize my time with more meaningful banter. Your cookie cutter ideas are not relative with the hunderds of clients I have seen, and helped over the past 25 years. I'm glad you are not reponsible for security where I work."

I really have no idea wtf you are talking about here, nor do I care.