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The Scummy One

"check your manual" advice, just like I wouldnt have a problem telling them to contact the place that they purchased it from, or the manufacturer of the system. To me, all of these are acceptable.

As for TUp2, this response was agreed upon and has been used for over a year, by many members from a discussion thread. If you believe that this response should be changed or altered, start a discussion about it? The fact is that a large amount of TR regulars have agreed and used this template would suggest that we felt it was the responsible thing to do.
As times change though, this may lead to an end (I doubt it though), but if you want to revisit the issue, be my guest.

This is a community, more than just a website. And, as such, you are part of the community, and have an opinion and a voice.

Now, this OP really looks fishy though. The company just gave the person a 3 week old system, and it has a BIOS PW that needs to be removed? That doesnt bring up any red flags for you???

The only reason I started (even with insulting earlier) was that you were arguing the use of the we wont help post, which, I personally agree with, especially with people like the OP. Normally I dont have any issues with you.