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retrieving data from an old tandy 1000 computer

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It depends on what model of Tandy 1000.

Some had an XT-type IDE interface, and some later models had the AT IDE interface. If it has the latter, then the 10 or 20 MB drive could be removed and installed in a USB drive case, which could be plugged into any PC. I would be careful, however, if no backups exist, for an old hard drive might be prone to failure if you do this.

If the machine has a 3.5" double-density (1.44MB) floppy drive, many DOS based programs had data files that could be copied onto floppy disks, then you would need a USB-attached floppy drive for the new PC.

There is also a program known as LAP-LINK that is a dos program that lets you transfer data using the serial or parallel ports of two comptuers, using a serial or parallel cable. Of course many new computers have neither serial nor parallel (thus need a USB-to-Serial converter) and you would need to find or make a laplink cable and the program.