Rightfax continous email

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Rightfax continous email
Why is Rightfax sending email confirmations continuously.


Rob Kuhn

The first response in my head is "you have something enabled". :)

You're question is too vague. In other words is this happening with everyone? Just a few users? ???

Also, what is your experience with the product? How long have you been using it? Who did the installation, setup and confiuration? Has anything changed? What are contained in the e-mails that are being sent? Are they valid e-mails (i.e. confirmation reports), blank or are their error condition/info contained in the e-mail?

I don't have any experience with this software other thanI know the name because of "OpenText" (a product I used and supported many years ago).

Have you checked the server and all the clients to ensure they are not infected with a virus or Malware?

Need more info, please...