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running sony vegas movie studio on linux

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OH Smeg

No it will not run on a Linux System.

Vegas Movie Studio is a Windows Only program specifically written to run on Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista??? SP2, or Windows 7 not any other platform. It will not run on any other version of Windows either it has to be one of the listed versions. So if you had XP SP2 it would not run on that you would have to upgrade to SP3 to allow it to work.

However saying that there are numerous other Linux Packages designed to run on a Linux Platform to do a similar job. You can not move any software to a platform it was not designed for at the moment. In the future there may be Cross Platform Applications but at the moment there are none.

The following Link may be useful to you for suitable software

http://www.techsupportalert .com/content/best-free-dvd-authoring-software.htm

Just remember to remove the space from between the techsupportalert and the .com for a working link.